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Post a quote from your day without any context

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Greg, does your better half know about your last 2 messages here?!?!  I'm not going to tell her - she can see it well enough on her own. 

Wait - let me go take out an insurance policy on you - for once I foresee a realistic get-rich-quick-scheme!!!!  😆:D

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"You use the CLUTCH to put it into gear"

We're not allowed to do that any more.  Do you know who is?

I told you it was going to blow up!

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I would recommend to those who use gold as wire or termination please be judicious in your choice. If the gold comes from a source in South Africa it will have a tendency to impart a warm sound. If, however, the gold was mined in places such as Northern Canada, it will cause the sound to be rather cool and analytical. For the most neutral sound, gold coming from central locations such as Zaire are the most desirable. And of course, the gold must be 99.9999% oxygen free.


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4 hours ago, RodH said:

"And of course, the gold must be 99.9999% oxygen free."

So, "lets just say" ( hmmm, where did that quote come from??) that said  copper cable is less than 99.99999999999% copper......  Should we expect cold, frigid , icy, cold, harsh sound?  Will the sound be Un-natural?   Just asking for a friend ???      

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