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Hello from a New Member, Currently Rehabbing Carver Amazing Platinum's

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I've been visiting intermittently for a number of years - but only recently created an account because... I acquired a set of Carver Amazing's Platinum Edition (Oak).   I am quite certain this is the used audio acquisition of a lifetime.  


Fun story how I obtained these.  Last year my wife said she saw a set of large speakers for FREE on a Facebook list called "free things for local pickup".  I was floored that she even brought my attention to such large speakers.  Boy am I glad I married the right girl!  Several hours later I am the owner of a working set of Carver Platinum's.  The owner, a woman, had passed away some years ago - she was a musician and audiophile.  Her son had many of her things in offsite storage.  Two trips in the largest SUV I could borrow and I was in business.


In a word - they are amazing :)  However, I noticed the bass is lacking.   I dove in and found all 8 woofers surrounds are completely disintegrated.  Last weekend I finished refoaming the surrounds.  I've previously completely restored JBL L100s.  So I'm looking at the crossovers and finish and considering further improvements.


If you hit like and get me to "Novice" I'll post photos!  


John McTurnan

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Welcome John, glad you joined the group.  I'm pretty sure you hit the jackpot twice !!!  What a great wife, you probably need to keep her around.  AND, what a great find with those FREE Carver Amazing's Platinum Edition.  Pretty sure you'll have lots of people here envying your find, I'm at least one of them !!!   Lots of great folks here to help along your Carver journey, enjoy !!!    

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  • Community Admin

Hello John, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.


Wow! Great find, twice. The Plats and the SO.

We'll get you to Novice, and TIA for the pics. :D . They go here.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.




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Posted (edited)

Wow.  Thanks for the welcomes and thumbs up.  I'll get some photos taken later today and posted.  


After initially trying several good quality high-powered AVRs I could see the potential with more power and went looking for a quick power fix.  I bought a used Crown XLS2500 which is around 440 watts @ 8ohm.  This is a worthwhile improvement over my Rotel 80 watt AVR.  I'll probably stick with this amp for now.  The new surrounds are pretty stiff, so I'm going to run some low freq pink noise through them tonight.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.






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Welcome. They have a daring name but they can back it up. Placement is crucial with these big dipoles. Have fun and share your experience. 

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