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Happy Birthday 4krow!

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Setting my sights low, I knew that this could be a wonderful day. This morning, I woke up, and went back to sleep. Present one. Then I went to the medicine chest and looked for the medication that helps keep me from killing people. I was out. Took a deep breath, refocused my eyes and found some emergency spares in a sock that I keep in the garage for just such an occasion. Chewed them like Chocks for kids. Refocused, and drove to Cody for breakfast. The young waitress remembered my coffee with all the additives, and maybe gave a little wink. She got a $10 tip. 

 Visited my mom this afternoon and came home with an old blender that she insisted was a meatgrinder. Don't argue with the elderly, just smile, and say 'How nice'. Listened to some BS&T, knowing that my best listening was gone. Still knew the score though. Still have the memory and feelings that go with it.


 If I were to wish for a present, it would to brain wash some kid into seeing the beauty of fine audio. Got to get them to look up first, rip their earbuds out and stomp the phone. Life is tough, but if you are chosen, maybe some old guy will take you aside and teach you how to tuna fish.

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I am not so used to celebrating my B'day in a big way. This time around though, I paid more attention. Took the day, and just did my thing. I really appreciate the enthusiasm given here for members B'days.  A change of pace is a good thing.


  Just heard yesterday about a sort of prank on a stranger. People in on the joke approached him in a bar and wished him a happy birthday. Of course he corrected the first few people. They also pretended to know him from the past, and he finally gave up arguing with them and just went with it. Interestingly, there were a few psychological side effects from this. Sorry, I don't recall specifically what they were, but it was surprising that anything like that occurred. I do remember that he kept the cards and gifts, and actually was looking forward to next years celebration. Some of the group tried to encourage another B'day celebration, but in the end he stopped answering them and asked to be left alone.

 This group of people played with the public in quite a few ways like this and there were some not so good outcomes. A social experiment that not always had the effect intended. Sounds a bit like overmarketing products, politics, religion(the 'other kind'), and a host of sociological morays being kin to all of this.  

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18 minutes ago, Dadvw said:

Happy Birthday Greg! May your day be blessed and you enjoy your day! 

BTW, keep building those fine tube buffers you make. We love them.....grin

  You know I will. Wait until I finish the Mac Buffer. It is taking a lot of time, but is turning out to be all that I can hope for .

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