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Hi - I just wanted to introduce myself..I'm Chino ..a lifetime Carver enthusiast..I've owned my equipment since I was stationed in Alaska. Purchased my Carver equipment one piece at a time at Pyramid Audio..(The people there were great...)Bought the C1 preamp, M500T amp, DTL cd player and a very if ever used TX11? Tuner..also a short lived Denon DP59L i sold only a few years ago..Can't live without my Dalquist DQM9C's that I've been listening to for 36 years straight everyday along with my C1 that never has been turned off. (except during shipment or an equipment shuffle.) So I can truly attest to Carver's build quality. I also have a C11 in the garage with a recently purchased Acurus 100x3 and Dahquist M905's?? that I placed dqm9c drivers and crossovers into..but.. I'm bluetoothing thru my phone and it all sounded a little too "screechy" on the vocals so I switched over to my CT17 preamp and you know what its not bad..but I don't have a RH balance (but the rh speaker works) unless I listen to it "cd direct" and then I lose the tone contols..but my C1 issue got me thinking about why in the first place I loved the Carver/Dalquist setup ..and it has to be the DTL..and I have two dtl players that don't play anymore, but I figured out a few years ago on my black DTL player that a drive scew keeps backing out..I may go back in and loctite it if I can remember which one..So anyway I'm looking for a DTL processor and I'm hoping that they made one in black..Got a lot more to say but I can feel you yawning..

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  • Community Admin

Hello Chino, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.


That's a great set of gear you have there. I love my C-1, M-500t, and TX-11(A,B).

Once you get to Novice status, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.




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