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If the notice is to be believed, congrats on reaching the fine old age of being OVER THE HILL @gburke!!!!


Congrats on joining the ole' geezer club, my friend!!!!!


Damn, do people really live to be that old??????    😉 :D


Now, go live it up to where we get to read about you in the news!

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  • Community Admin

Happy Birthday Greg! I hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday.gif

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Happy birthday buddy. You get what everyone else gets so here ya go. :|:




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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!  Wanted to spend it with the family on the boat but good ole Michigan weather had other plans (at least around the Lansing area). So we made the best of it and grilled up some porterhouse steaks and had a few beers. Didn't have to work, so overall it was a great day

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