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Old Carver Dog returning to the pack for assistance.

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Hi Guys,

Long time away doesn't mean I forgot about you guys and Carver.  That nasty Covid bug, put a stop to many activities. My wife and I were hunkered down in our home in Salt Lake City. Once the epidemic began, we closed our front gates and 'no one' was allowed in. I would make a food run every 10-12 days and everything I bought was thoroughly sanitized with Lysol spray or any cleaner that said that it killed 99% of bad things before it got inside. Now, to compound the Covid thing, in June a pipe in my basement rec room burst and flooded most of that room. Not only did it ruin the hardwood floor; but, it poured down on my stereo. Being that we have hard water out here, every thing it touched had hard water deposits all over them. It drenched my turntable, luckily it has a plastic cover. But, the amps took a beating. They were in a rack and so the water dribbled from one to the other. We had a water damage mitigation company come in, after trying to dry everything with fans, they ended  tearing up the wood floor and removing the bottom one foot of sheet rock. We had to put all the contents of that room in storage for 9  months.  Being that we were being very cautious ,with people entering our home, that room remained torn up until a few weeks ago. Since, both I and my wife are in our seventies, we were very vigilant.  Back to the important topic the amps. I removed the covers and check for any visual sign of water, as soon as I got them out. There they set in my office until yesterday, I have placed the equipment back in a rack and tried it out tonight. One of the two TFM15s has lost a channel.  I am bi-amping my set of Vandersteen and with the two TFM15s.  Let me explain, I reverse engineered the crossovers in a set of damaged Vandersteen 2.0s  and when I did, I set them up so that each one has separate treble and base inputs.  So, each TFM15 has a 'jumpered' input , with the outputs driving the bass and treble of each speaker. Since I rebuilt the amps, myself 10 years ago, I will break out all the info and try to find the trouble. If not, your able assistance will be needed.  Sorry, to spin a tale for you.


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WOW, Joe, 


In a couple of words, "that sucks."


Hoping the road to recovery continues and you get the Carver gear back in service, soon.


Music helps get through the tests of one's patience..., you deserve that!


Looking forward to hearing how you make out with it all.



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First of all @Papajoe, Welcome Home!


I'm sorry for what you've been through - I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  Hopefully things will get patched up before long.  


I have no doubt you can restore the amps to their proper order - as long as the more physically sensitive items (TT, Speakers, any other electo-mechanical devices) all survived, you should be able to get things back to life.  I'm sure there are folks here who can help out of you run into any snags - not that I expect you'll need much more than moral support.


It sounds like you and your wife have made it safely through Covid - thank goodness!   Stay well and good luck with the repairs - may they be very minor for you!  



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Say, @Papajoe, how did the Blacksmith Shop fair..., are you still out there hammering and welding? 


Any new art to share?  


I found that I have been exceptionally productive the past 15-16 months in getting creative work/projects completed..., unfortunately, each completed project opens the imagination up for a dozen more!  The list grows exponentially, with each completion.

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Andrew John-Thanks for the ask about my sculpture. With everything closed down, I did not venture to the scrap yard. The Covid period was a downer to my creativity. But, I spent much of the time learning G-Code for programming my new CNC MIll. I started learning  Autodesk Fusion.  Now that the Covid is waning? I am planning to start creating the parts for my daughter's invention.


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22 hours ago, Papajoe said:

parts for my daughter's invention.

@Papajoe Curiosity is high now!  😉


Great Update.   Autodesk Fusion..., cool stuff, and a new CNC machine..., I think we need a picture !  


CNC machines of many types are becoming house-hold items in mechanically inclined home-owners..., There are at least 3 in my neighborhood - along with a dozen additive manufacturing machines (3D Printers...).  


Imagine what articles Popular Mechanics would be publishing these days !

Edited by AndrewJohn
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