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Hi Greg,

Long time between conversations.

Would it be possible to have a section on the site dedicated to listing the components that are needed for DIY refurbishment of each model?   I realize that some models are pretty complex, for a casual rebuild.  Longtime members like you, usually have some models, if asked.  Maybe everyone can share their lists and put them in a specific section for all to use?




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Not a bad idea, if it was so easy. Carver made running changes to many models and therefore most lists are not going to be accurate, plus current parts availability makes changes in part numbers almost constant. Refurb parts lists therefore need to be unit specific in real time. Might I suggest that if one has, say an M-4.0t amp, that they want to refurb, start a post on that amp, list all the things they think they should replace with current part numbers and values. The community can then help with suggestions on sourcing hard to get parts. Rarely will you find all-in-one shopping for 30 year old amp parts. 

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Some things can be generic - replace all of the electrolytics for example. After that it starts getting more complicated. Do you have the gear to measure performance? Most of the electronic parts will last indefinitely - but there may be something degraded that is technically working but not delivering it's full capability - which might be measured as distortion, noise, etc. with the right equipment.


Parts availability and substitutions change so frequently that a list is only accurate on the day it is created.

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