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Upgraded and added to my collection


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That Blue LED on my C1 preamp is an indicator of why I'm having a good Saturday night.......... I've got my gear back from Nelion and I'm currently sipping a beer and taking the upgraded C1 and M1.5t for a test drive.  I got the Bill D mods on the C1 and the MKII upgrade to M1.5t.  The units look and sound fantastic.  You can definitely hear the difference (and feel it.... the extra punch in the amp is evident).  Very happy I had the work done.  And, I got to meet Greg when I picked them up.  My trip to Michigan also netted me another m1.5t to add to my stack. (not yet upgraded, but working ok).   I now have more amps than working speaker sets.   I think I may have a problem..... 




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On 8/15/2021 at 9:08 PM, flyboy said:

Very nice setup! Love that rack! Did you make that or buy that somewhere? 

I made the rack myself.  It's basically a nice birch plywood, with 2' long nickel plated 1/2 inch threaded rods and some hardware to match.   I got the idea from someone else on this site @Daddyjt  The rack was not difficult to make.  Hardest part was putting a nice finish on the wood and doing the edge trim so that the plywood layers didn't show.   I like that the shelves can be adjusted for height by moving the hex nuts up and down the threaded rod.

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