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When your new gear arrives on a pallet…

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I know I'm just catching up with many of you (with your big bad-ass subwoofers), but this is the first speaker I’ve purchased in over 17 years.


A new subwoofer so fricking big it ships on a pallet.  And entailed all sorts of weird shipping details – one of which should have been a phone call prior to delivery but they had the wrong number.  Thus, it took a week longer than it should have.  It was fine though, I had plenty of work still to do in the room.



Here it is in the garage right after delivery:





And after getting it downstairs. (The packaged weight was over 150lb; my son helped me get it into the room):






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And here it is where I hope it might stay (will do the setup and test later today):






And with a record next to it for scale:






It’s big.  I'm happy.


I'll keep you posted...



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  Yah, that's what it often takes to get the bass right, lots of muscle. With that kind of muscle available in your system now, placement will benefit the effect greatly. Corner placement might be for some applications where the bass needs some kind of boost but with what you got it is the least likely place for the sub to sound best. At over 100 lbs. it is a decision not to be taken lightly.... Does this come with a microphone for measuring bass response of the room itself with this sub? That would take you a long way towards your goal.


  I see that there is a quick start guide for this product, and of course a manual. With all that available you will have no trouble .

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You are too right 4krow...  ran a quick preliminary test using manual settings on AVR and in that corner - it's a no go.  Far too overwhelming.  

Esp. considering I want good solid subtle power, I'm going to test behind the couch. 

It's not so hard to move now - I placed sliders under the sub's feet.  Pretty easy to slide around on the hardwood floor.  Alas, it's too heavy to place in the seating position and do the "crawl."  Unless I can get my son back over soon to help heft it up there.  

So, I'll just slide it around from position to position - I'm a patient man and sort of enjoy the process anyway - and see what I can find.

(Interestingly enough, when I placed my cylinder sub in the primary seat and did the crawl, I found it sounded best behind and to the left side of couch.  I'm thinking for starters, I'll try this one in that spot and move the older SVS 20-39 somewhere else - maybe on the right side behind couch (because that's closer to the HVAC closet - a weaker wall, even though it's stuffed with Rockwool)).

Thanks!  Gary 

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Ooooooh yeeeesssssss, love that big badass sub. Have fun adjusting your sack without your hand. Thanks for sharing. 

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I would try carrying the sub around in your arms as your spouse decides what sounds and looks best. It will end up in the garage, and you will have visitation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


   I like your idea of sitting behind the couch and listening there, and placing the sub on the couch disguised as you. It's a great place to eat pizza and popcorn, and nobody will catch on for awhile.

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I am a big fan of the SVS subs.


I went with their cylinder models for a smaller footprint.


The phone apps are so nice! Especially when you are making adjustments for "phase"

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Depending on your room size you might want to turn the volume down. That -10 is on the hot/loud side. I know every room and system is different. I've managed to keep mine's at -21 and the other at -19. Give it a shot.

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2 hours ago, SteveFord said:

Are those Metzler Tourance?


Nah, the stock Dunlop Trailmax 610s (90/10) that came with my 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports.  Love them on the road and they really aren't too shabby on the dirt/ gravel (as long as it's not wet).  I'll go with 80/20s when I swap them out but I don't want to sacrifice too much road comfort.

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Well, this is where it appears to sound best for now (pics)… but I get the sense it would work just about anywhere – even 70 ft away tucked into the guest bedroom corner for that matter – and adjusted for level.


Close to the front wall just doesn’t work.  Primarily, my flush-mounted mains get so low now, and sound so nice throughout the range, working with the wall as they are, neither subwoofer blends very well up there.  The front right corner would be ideal – but it just doesn’t sound right – seems to mess with the mains doing their thing with the front wall. 


For music, it sounds best with just the SVS SB16-Ultra in 2.1 stereo mode. 


The sub seamlessly blends in with the mains.  I’m impressed.  Even cranked up to house-shaking levels, with my eyes closed, *all* the music seems to be coming from somewhere out in front of me.  It’s so transparent it’s almost preternatural.


For movies, it sounds nice with both subs - dialed in with Audyssey – with the older 20-39 PC Plus on the other side, behind and to the right of main listening position.  (You can see just a bit of the 20-39 in the picture, but that’s not where it ended up – it’s actually a few feet further to the right and back now, closer to the HVAC door and lined up with the SB16).


Another note:  the old Yamaha M35 amp I was using for the surrounds wasn’t cutting it.  Had to push the levels up all the way and still couldn’t get them quite loud enough to match the mains and center. 


I thought about just using the AVR’s amps for the surrounds (as I had in the past with my old Denon 3803) but then I’d have to nix using the preferred “preamplifier mode” on the AVR-X3700H.  So, I installed my spare M-500t (the one I got last month) to drive the surrounds.  I have to say, I love the look of the four M-500ts stacked there.  But there is a problem with this latest amp (that wasn’t there when I first tested it, oddly enough) – the left channel has to warm up before it starts working.  And coincidentally, the meter light is now out on that side too.  I’ve already sent an email to Greg about starting the refurb of all the M-500ts, beginning with this one – and opting for the mk II mod.


Thanks, Gary




And here are the beautiful stacked M-500ts.  I love watching those meters dance, man.


Ps.  That little white hockey puck shaped disc above the AVR is a very cool wireless on/off switch for the exhaust fan – saves me from having to go into the closet to turn the fan on/ off.  Came with two adapters, just using the one for now. 

And if you look closely, you can see my DIY acoustic treatment in the TV cubby.  2” ATS Rockwool covers the entire back of the cubby, the entire top, and most of the two sides.  I picked up burlap at my local JoAnne Fabrics and covered the Rockwood myself:





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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Yamacarver said:

Is that a Hawkeye African with the Honda african?


Dang!  You guys don't miss anything... No, no Hawkeye African, but a handful of Rugers.

Edited by garyh
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