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Signature 600 x 2 reviews

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Hey guys,..  

So I would like some honest Info and reviews on the Siggy 600.  The speakers I'm using are Polk Audio LSIm-707 with two Adcom gfa-565 mono blocks which I love (but) the 7s are DEFINITELY asking for more which brings me to this site for much more educated opinions on Magnetic Field Amlifiers from the great mind of Bob. I've owed alot of gear through the years, but unfortunately never any Carver.  I know this may be rubbing some of you the wrong way, but I'm merely repeating others words from other forums. People have said they sound "dry or grainy" and I'm wondering what they mean by that and if (current owners) know what they are referring to ?  Also if I was to come across one what is a good price to pay? Also for kicks what would the Siggy 600 sound and handle my speakers compared to a pair of Silver 7s or Silver 9s if I ever came across ?

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Well, opinions in audio don't mean that much...we like what we like.


The Sunfire 600 is a tremendously powerful amplifier and I think they sound amazing. There just aren't many speakers you can throw at it that you couldn't drive with ease. They're good on horns and ribbons. They use the Downtracking Converter as a power supply, which is better than the Magnetic Field power supply in terms of efficiency. 


The Silver 7t/9t's are just as formidable and sound just as sweet. I honestly couldn't choose between the Carver monoblocks or the Sunfire - they're both in the same league.


Now, it's important to realize that these amp need to be restored, so I'm talking about restored units. Many people buy these units on Ebay and they have never been serviced - and judge how they perform based on 30 year old parts. Some amp age well, others don't. Carvers and Sunfires need service after 20 years.

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I own one and it is about my 20th amp over the years. I worked in audio in the 80's and I've heard many more. There is nothing dry or grainy about this amp. Carver haters usually have not actually heard one. Mine has been serviced properly by a Carversite tech. I bought it non-functioning. I've also owned a pair of Carver 9t monoblocks and several other Carver amps. Here is the scoop, it excels  in all of the typical amplifier jargon for sound quality like "soundstage, bottom end, sparkle" etc. The Sig 600 is the cats meow. There is nothing I can criticize about it other than it has no power switch (so what).  Where it shines (like many Carver designs) is in the ability to drive speakers well. The total absence of clipping distortion is readily apparent and a revelation for those lucky enough to listen to one.  The Sig in particular will drive any speaker and not break a sweat. It doesn't even get warm. It is a total monster. Also, having gobs of headroom will make many speakers "open up".  Although tons of power are always on tap, it does so with a sweet demeanor. Delicate sounds are perfect. I would put my Sig against any amp at any price in a blind test. My Sig recently went up against a Pass Labs XA 200.8 https://www.passlabs.com/products/xa200-8/ and the owner was spooked that the Sunfire went toe to toe with his huge Class A monos and HAD MORE POWER. A lot more. People may prefer a different amp for many reasons but it's usually just bias. Am I biased? Yep! How can I possibly improve an amp that sounds fantastic and will control any speaker the future will throw at it with ease. You can't go wrong if you can find one. I'm never selling mine. 

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The 300 600 and 625 where the first carver amps that let the user choose between no voicing and tube like sound voicing. Voltage source vs. Current source. Depends on the speakers being used to what one will choose but it is always better to have a choice.

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