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Happy Birthday RodH


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19 minutes ago, AndrewJohn said:

Happy Birthday, Rod..., you deserve all you get!  😉 


I got a new LP with no grooves.... it was supposed to have grooves. #-o

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I've never seen a 12" CD....


I'm trying to take decent pictures of this abomination before I send it back, but so far it's proved to be very difficult to photograph. It's a silver-grey vinyl to begin with and seems to have a clear vinyl overcoat. At first I though it had one of those peel away protective films on it - but no! The clear layer continues under the label.

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O M G !!


How could I have missed such a monumental and esteemed occasion, like this!  Oh the Humanity!


Perhaps I was working way overtime, trying to fulfill orders for the vast quantities of libations required to celebrate such an incredible occasion?


Not quite, eh? 


Well, then, Dude, you had better still be celebrating, or else!


Live it up, my crazy, young friend!  |-|:D/:B-D:😺

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