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On 1/14/2023 at 5:56 AM, AndrewJohn said:


That ride was called "Tom's Twister".  They had one in Eureka, MO outside of St. Louis at Six Flags.  Was on that ride many times!!!  Earlier versions of the "Rotor Ride" date back to the 50's.  Some history of the German  scientist that created one of the early ones, can be found here:  https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/rotor-ride-pictures-1950-1970/





OK, we used to do stupid things, like turn upside down, or even spit gum out..., at full speed..., as the floor dropped out from under our feet...



In the 80s when this ride came to the fairs in California it was called the Gravatron. We would only ride it on the first day of the fair because after that it smelled like puke and was constantly being hosed out.

Good times indeed.

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