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Hello from Philly. Some people collect stamps but I ………

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…. started out with Dynaco gear and slowly accumulated the below items that I presently have. My son (ChrisTFM35) is also a member of this community and a big fan of all things Carver. He has a collection of Carver, Phase Linear, and Sunfire gear. He also recently gifted me some of the items below.


Upon my son's suggestion I packed up seven pieces of my gear to get in various restoration queues. He then loaned me his Nelion Audio restored Carver C-4000 to tide me over.


The combination of the restored Carver C-4000 from @Nahash5150 and a welcomed addition and nicely restored TFM15CB from @itchitch kept me captive in my basement for “a long while”. So even b4 posting this I benefited from being a silent member of this community.  I enjoyed this combination.


I have since reintroduced two restored TFM35’s back into the mix along with a PL 1000 Series II. The last three pieces of the puzzle (Items 12, 13 and 14) were in the capable hands of Nelion and now they are on their way home.


When the three 15’s hook up with the two 35’s I’m sure to develop some new kind of affliction on top of the OCCD, like OCMWD.




P.S. Pictures?


My current gear:

1. Sunfire Theater Grand IV (Just back from being restored)

2. Phase Linear 1000 Series II (Just back from being restored)

3. Philips AF877 Turntable

4. Marantz CD 6000 OSE

5. Bellari PA550 Phono Preamp (Gift from my son)

6. Pioneer Cassette Deck (Gift from my son)

7. Sony Blue Ray Player (Gift from my son)

8. Schitt Modi 3+ (Gift from my son)

9. Carver TFM35 (A previous addition from my son and back from being restored)

10.  Carver TFM35 (Back from being restored)

11.  Carver TFM15CB (from @itchitch, and a daily worker)

12.  Carver TFM15CB (returning home from a restoration with Nelion)

13.  Carver TFM15CB (returning home from a restoration with Nelion)

14.  Carver TFM6 (returning home from a restoration with Nelion, into the Living Room system)

15.  Marantz AV600 (restored and in Living room system waiting on the 6 to return home)

16.  Marantz DP870 (in Living room system)

17.  Lexicon CP3+ (feeling lonely at the moment)

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Welcome @BobTFM35!  Glad you decided to step out of the shadows!


So now we have proof that OCCD can be genetic!  As if there was any doubt.  :D


You've got quite the nice collection, there, though it sounds like you've been using quite a few stamps having gear restored, so there goes the stamp collection even if you had one!  

Thanks to your son for keeping dad in good sound while restorations were underway.  Clearly a shared love of the audio world between you two!

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  • Community Admin

Hello Bob, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.

Now that you've advanced to Novice status, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.




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Welcome Bob!  You have a great collection of gear!  I am glad you found Nelion Audio for your service needs!


there is a lot of info here, grab your favorite beverage, crank the volume (wake the neighbors), kick off your shoes and have some fun!



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I think it’s safe to say that genetics did have something to do with our collecting Carver gear @Brian_at_HHH. It all started with the C-1 and was hooked when the TFM35 came home.


I figured that I might as well get all the critical parts (Amps) done at around the same time so as not to stress any one part of the system. The stamp collection is gone, now it’s down to how well I did with my numismatology.


The 15's and the 6 will ship on Tuesday and hope to have them on Thursday. 


Thanks for the welcome.

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