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Happy Birthday Brian_at_HHH


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Thank you to everyone at TCS for the birthday wishes!


@BobTFM35, last time I checked, Philly wasn’t exactly next door to Trenton!  What’s the story, there, my friend?  Being an airforce (RCAF) brat, you’ve certainly piqued my curiosity!


@SteveFord, not bad for a kid that wasn't due until the end of February, eh?


This has been a crazy year for me, with some really unexpected but wonderful events that have pretty much turned my work upside down.  🙃


Much to my surprise and happiness, and in spite of Covid, after all I had been through in the past decade or so, I find myself heading into 2022 planning for a (very small & casual) wedding.  Although we’ve know it for quite some time, we decided to make it official a couple of weeks ago. :)


On the audio side, I’ve just redone my back room, where the main system lives, and after resisting the siren’s call for a long time, there’s a Crimson 275 waiting to be added to the new cabinets, along with a 2nd (yet to be acquired) one.  No, the M1.0t MkII is not going away – I still need to blister the neighbors ears from time to time, but we’ll see just how far down the deep, dark fearsome pit of Tube gear, this faux pas takes me.  Yes, when I get things put together, I will post updated pictures!  :-s


And the first Carverite to mention anything about needing to add a tube Pre, volunteers to provide me one of my choice!  :b--


There is also a Thorens 165 TT waiting in the wings, that still needs some tweaking, adjustments, cleanup, etc. before it, too joins the fun.


My thanks to all of you once again!  

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On your special day @Brian_at_HHH I went to your profile, and it all started in Hedgehog Hollow.


Your home page took me to the Ad Astra Stone Dedication Ceremony. The last three pictures on that page were of a C-130 fly over.


My connection to C-130’s is that I was in the USAF and a crew chief on C-130’s during the Viet Nam war. I spent three years in that part of the world. They became my home, thus my love for that aircraft and respect for a fellow service member. Seeing that your father was a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force that sealed it for me on what I was going to use in your Birthday post.


That use of the C-130; from the 424 "Tiger Squadron", fly over with the Canadian flags was not only meant to be a celebration of your life but also of Captain Robert E. MacNamara.


Thus, the story.



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Ah!  That makes more sense, Bob!  And hence why it's called the "web!"


I always found the C-130's to be amazing.  One of the most versatile, adaptable, and capable A/C ever produced.  And the new variants just keep coming.


I still remember, as a kid, seeing one of the USAF ones, configured to capture satellite recon films, that came down and deployed a balloon.  It had this huge apparatus to extend into a big open V in front, to catch the cable hanging from the balloon.  I always wondered what it must have been like to fly directly into a cable, that was not unlike the balloon-held cables used to take down a/c only a few years earlier!  


Funny enough, we were never stationed at Trenton.  Most of the time I grew up on maritime patrol bases, on the East coast.  Trenton is where the RCAF museum is, though, and is only an hour or so up the street from where I live.


Thanks very much, again!

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Happy Belated B-day, guess I missed ur's.  My mom's B-day was on December 19th, she never liked having her B-day that close to Christmas.  Hoping U had a great B-day and get to celebrate Many, many, many more !!!    


Oh.... and a Happy New year to you and yours.  Lets hope 2022 is a Great Year !!!!!

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