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RBQ's PL400II Project

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Found in Denver at a garage sale for $10 bucks.   Luckily, since I fly a lot & have a 70lb bag allowance as it weighed in over 55lbs.    After finding the Phoenix Audio forum, I began rebuilding it.   I've since collected a few more Phase Linear pieces such as the 1400 EQ,  3300 II Preamp & just because it also looked cool a 5100 Tuner.   I have been playing around with Sansui stuff and now have some real fun.  Now I'm trying out some Carver stuff with a very clean M1.5t & C4000.








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I hit every garage or estate sale I run across.   You never know what might be left over. My dad bought a 51 Ford for a buck one time at a garage sale.  All my junk is from garage/estate  sales. 



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Nice work on the old PL stuff! 👍👍


I have a few PL-400s stashed away for a future project. 
3 old souls who had been through hell.

Ill be able to make one, maybe two out of them and a LOT of new parts.
Good to see the stuff from the Phoenix Audio site works out well!


Oh, and I love the Series Two stack - they sure are pretty!

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