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Clean M1.5t


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19 hours ago, Yamacarver said:

Very nice.

I made a fitted dust cover, haven't seen it since the move. Plastic bags are great for storage though.


Have you hooked it up? 

Did a quick bulb test and everything looked ok.  Had it playing using an old iPhone as a preamp and cheap test speakers most of the day yesterday.  Checking just only temperatures it seams fine.    Might hook it up to better/larger speakers this weekend for a test drive.  Hate to do to much to it since it doesn’t have a scratch on it. 

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I personally think so.  I'm using this amp to drive boss901's, & i tried it before & after.  My wife even said the boss sound cleaner.  I also have my PL400II is driving klipsch Heresy & an SAE2200 for my CV VS120 speakers.  I like everything together.  Plus it heats my attic. 

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5 hours ago, 2muchbass said:

Looks nice, I just bought the same type amp a few weeks ago

I love this amp.  Before I put the cover back on I ordered the small caps for the power board and a few resistors that are running about 170-190 degrees.   Maybe that’s normal but just in case.  Other than that, it’s a nice addition. 



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