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Ten years ago, today. Bill D. , R.I.P. my friend.


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In my limited time at the CS so far,  I did not meet or interact with Bill D. but I hear alot of talk about the Bill D. upgrade and his generosity and helpfulness toward CS members. I am happy for all that had the opportunity to share with him. It must have been quite the experience.

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I remember when Bill D. decided to take on my two PL-1000s by installing the @jvandyke_texas mod/upgrade.

I practically had to force to take payment for his work because he could not get the same test results for both units

after the mod was installed. He was such a perfectionist and a generous person.  That's the Bill D. I miss...

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That ten years went quick. He still lives on for many of us through his C1 mod. Thanks to LT I had the chance to hear the difference between a stock C1 and the BillD C1. I still can hear it in my mind. Speaking of it reminds me that I still need to get my C1 BillD upgraded. I think Dennis Miller offered his services.

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I personally appreciate you all posting a tid bit about Bill D, the picture, and even the obituary.  It gives a new comer like myself a little more insight to the gentleman that is so highly regarded, respected, and the involvement he had in the Carver community and beyond.


I learn a little more everytime I come back to visit and enjoy reading through the post (even if the technical side eludes me)


RIP Bill!  I wish I would have had the pleasure.

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I've told this story before, but I think it's appropriate to tell it again today, as we honor our beloved friend Bill.  


I confess to joining the Carversite because I needed something--  I had just purchased a pair of TFM-25's off Ebay with bulging caps and I had no repair experience and no clue what to do.   After going thru the Service Manual and wading thru search filters on Digikey,  all the unfamiliar terms and specs had me about ready to throw in the towel.  


So I posted some questions here on the site and got a few helpful tips.  And then the very next morning, some guy named Bill D posted an entire TFM-25 recap parts list, with Digikey part numbers for all 39 caps,  and then patiently walked me thru the process of recapping those amps.   


Bill didn't know me from Adam at that time, and I found out later that he didn't have any TFM-25's himself, so he likely didn't have a parts list already made up-- he did all that for a stranger (me) seeking help on the site.  That's the kind of man he was.  


RIP dear friend.       

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