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One of the more frustrating things about this hobby of ours is when I revisit the music of my childhood and find that no matter how much I love the music, it’s recorded so poorly that it’s just not listenable on the 2ch rig.  Sadly, many of my childhood and teen favorites are relegated to car or earbud listening.


Thats why it’s such a treat to find music of that particular fond memory track that FAR exceeds expectation, and wows sonically, as well as being some of the stuff that I just love listening to. Such is the case with The Carpenters — singles 1969-1981.  The 21 tracks on this SACD are a veritable hit-parade, with most indelibly etched into the memories of my childhood. The recording is so well done, it defies belief - both for the age, but also the genre (easy listening is not known for particularly accurate sound, lol).  Sound stage, clarity, dynamics and just plain presence are spectacular… This is one of those discs that you drop in to listen to a track or two, and then an hour is gone….



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A few years ago a buddy played me a Carpenters record. Dont know which one  but I remember it having a nice jacket. He said that his wife really enjoyed the Carpenters and he bought the record for her but ended up listening to it alot himself. When he played it, I knew why.

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