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Just found one of these. Including the instructions. Never used. Dumped the fluid.  Oh yeah, wore out a couple of these and a Zerostat Gun back in the day. Discwasher didn't get worn out but probably gummed up with the THC from profuse consumption. 


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Oh, yes, to have an original.  I had that unit, the box, instructions and goofy little brush thingy that was to hold the D4 solution in the handle..., but for me seemed to fall out.  I don't know where it went after I got out of college.  Probably loaned it to a roommate, and never got it back.


The good news is that RCA purchased/acquired the brand..., and still produces and sells a modified kit... (storage pouch, not a box, handle is solid, can't put the bottle inside the handle, and the cleaning brush is different... the bad news is that the solution hasn't changed much..., D4+?  I think that means it comes in a spray bottle? 😉


There are a number of nearly identical knock-offs for this very successful approach to cleaning records... EVEO, Big Fudge Vinyl Record Kit, Record Rescue, Opula, Allsop Orbitrac 3, Groove Washer G2, Fluance, Kaiu, and of course, Vinyl Buddy... (no kidding, there must not be a patent on this thing..., and RCA only acquired/licensed the logo and brand?  Who knows...).




I always wiped the nap in reverse direction of to clean the dust off mine, anyway..., didn't use that brush much.


The unit I use is one I picked up used on Ebay..., one of the high-end complete kits with a Zero Stat...



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I lived in the Midwest at the time and with forced air heat, our place was very dry in the winter with lots of static electricity. Everything would be attracted to and stick to my records. The Zerostat did help.

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Still have and use my original one.  It's always been my go-to brush.  I have the black discwasher brand anti-static gun.  It works great and makes a big difference.


It doesn't get a lot of use at the moment, but I'm shortly going to take on a full-on restore of a Thorens TT, so hopefully soon!

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