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New member, need advice on a M 1.01t repair

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Hello everyone , glad I found this site.  I Find the topics very interesting and informative. It's winter here in Ontairo, Canada. So i have until April/May to get the maintance and upgrades done

on my sound system. The rest of the time I do Astrophotograghy, which is challanging at times. My current system consists of the following


Turntable-Techinics SL-1310MK2

CD Player-Azur 640c (analog L/R section disconnected), tube buffer from GlassWare ACF-2(6SN7 tubes) is what I use for the cd player analog selection replacement . It was built by me


Preamp-Aikido Stereo Octal  using 6SN7 tubes( currently building a dual mono preamp-Aikido) and built by me

Phono-Tetra Sans PS Phono preamp and built by me

Amplifier-Bryston-3B st

Speakers-Martin Logan Aerius i


My goal is to switch to bi-active  crossover and using the 2x M1.01t for amplification.

One of the M1.01t channels is defective. I have already posted my problem-got a responces (very quickly i must say and direction)

So I am resoldering the input pcb now then I test

I have already have been reading up on the topics here to help me plan the change over.



Take care

Many Thanks


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  • Community Admin

Welcome @Fred0928.  glad you found us. 


There is an enormous Brain Trust here in the archives that go back over a decade, or more.


Thanks for noting  you already found value!  


When you can post pictures (takes 5 or 6 posts to enable picture posting), we LOVE pictures...

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At this present momont the audio system is having a overhaul.Amplifiers (carver m1.01t being modified). Aerius, back binding post-replaced. Aikido Preamp, updated(actually the parts arrived today).

So pictures will have to wait. Just finished the thump fix one amplifier getting to test. then on to the next mod-idle bias pivot mod.

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Thanks everyone for weicoming me.

i've been modding my M1.01t, fixed problem with left channel (cold solder joint on main board), speaker post replaced, input pcb resoldered/cleaned.

Next is the bias mod, small electrolic capacitors replacement, power capacitors replacement, and setup and test



1.  I would like to replace the large barrel diodes with a bridge rectifier .

    What is the part number of the bridge rectifier used ?


2. installing a AC EMI filter

    type of filter and where would the gnd connect to, i'm guessing chassy if so would I

    need to isolate the power gnd from chassie gnd and install a gnd lift switch ?


This site has helped me out on alot, by reading other post, and how they ended up fixing there equipment.

Still learning to navagate around the site


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