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AM antenna for Carver MXR 900 receiver

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 Since my tuner is in the basement, I finally did the work and installed an antenna in the attic. Tuned it a bit by placement and have had great reception ever since. The cheezie jobs that you can buy in all kinds of price ranges will not get you what you want as well as an elevated antenna. That is my experience out here on the prairie. 

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I agree with @4krow, all those "componentized" antenna's you see that look like obelisks, or other table-top accoutrement are junk - and a frustrating waste of money that become clutter on your table or stereo rack.  Save your money..., they cost more than a real antenna, and the time you spend frustrated is better spent running a wire from your highest closet, your attic, or your crawlspace.


AM antenna's are just a wire loop.  If you need one in the Bay Area..., there are a number of DIY suggestions on Youtube for running a copper loop in places, like around your house along the edge of the foundation..., or ??  I assume that the cigar-shaped AM antenna attached to the back of your 900 receiver, is missing?  Broken? Typically, that can do a good enough job for AM reception in a metropolitan area like the Bay Area.  The 900 comes with one that is shaped like a rectangle, about 2x5 inches and swings out so you can align it for better reception.  The picture below is from the manual... (often, people remove these, and they get lost).  It is on a pivot that swings out, if yo ulook closely, on the left of the rectangular object you can see the pivot point.  Worse-case, sometimes the pivot mount is unscrewed and removed (it's just a peice of plastic)..., that makes replacing the OEM that much harder.




You can get a replacement on Ebay, and there are many versions of this..., just let it hang off the back of your receiver.  Here's a link to one on Ebay, now:  AM Loop Antenna | eBay  It looks like this, and is snap-on/snap-off on that hinge on the right in the picture for positioning for best reception.




After market versions of this look like this, and can be found at Goodwill in the "wire and junk" section of electronics for a few bucks, or on Ebay, with shipping...




YouTube is your friend for both FM and AM.


For FM, however, I used to live in Marin, and had one of these in my crawl space / ceiling in my ranch home.  It did a great job in the Bay Area to bring in station from all over Northern CA.  I installed it again here where I live in the midwest and wrote a thread on it on the forum.  


Here's my thread - Lots of pictures, and discussion on FM signal amplification from your antenna to your receiver:  


There's also a number of posts here on the forum on building a "Copper Cactus" FM antenna - out of copper pipe from home Depot.  I don't have one, (yet), but am convinced this would be Top of the Line for DIY, as members here have posted about it in detail.  One of those threads is here - also lots of pictures, and references to other sources on the Copper Cattus..., (Google that, and you'll find a LOT of information):  

If nothing else, these threads provide a lot of background to support you in your quest.


Let us know with a post what direction you go.  And your results..., with pictures, of course 😉 

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I have acquired an AM loop antenna from my audio supplier guy. I dont know what model it came from. Just PM me if you want it. 


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