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First a shout out to @weitrhino- he sold me the final piece I needed for my system.

A perfectly functioning TD-1440.

I swapped LEDs to cool white to match my system.

System is done, now as soon as the weather warms up I'll finish the rack.


Here are some pics.

A lot of people contributed to this stack, either thru service updates or equipment sale.


Thanks to: @weitrhino, @allflehisequalwhenburnt, @Zenith4me, @captainmike, @Charlie, @jeffs, @Nahash5150 and @sea


As you can see, I have a round meter theme here...


Most every night I kick back, have a nightcap, and chill out with this system. I appriciate everyone's help and contribution to this build.




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Wait, where did you get the idea for those racks? 😉 


Super nice system.  What a beautiful thing.


What is the preamp at the top of the left stack?  Is that a CT-6?


Are those TFM-45s?  OK, curious minds..., want to know..., the full stack run-down, and speakers.

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Left side, top down.

Teac X-10



DLP-20 (used occasionally for remote volume and pretty lights)








Right side

HK T-55c turntable

Yamaha EQ-550

Yamaha DVD-C740

Schiit Modi DAC

Maverick Audio DAC (needs repair)

Yaqin Tube Buffer

2 Adcom ACE-515



Vienna Acoustics Webern


Magnepan MG-12qr

Monitor Audio Vector sub


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