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Papajoe has passed away

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I'm sorry to inform you that 'Papajoe' Joe Casalino has passed away. Joe was a member here for a long time. I will never forget the time he tried to repair a Carver M1.0t and the back and forth between him and RichP, and some of me too! He was a real riot. That thread was epic. So much fun. (yes, I was a troll) He was very good with a welder...not so good with a soldering iron. :D


Anyway, he was a super guy and was always very supportive of the site. He will be missed.




Joe sent me a C-1 to restore for him. I haven't started on it yet. His wife wants me to sell it. She has no use for it and 'doesn't know how to use it'.


[UPDATE: The C-1 has been claimed]


The C-1 is in excellent condition (it's just dirty, not flaking or scratched on the buttons or faceplate). It can serve to be a very fine unit for a long time and because the faceplate and buttons are in such great shape, it will look great too! The RCA jacks are also still in excellent condition. The top cover does have scratches.









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I'm very sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family. 

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Didn't really know papa here, just wish that I had. He seemed to make it work wherever he went. And helping high risk kids is at the top. It is sad to hear this news.

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On 3/22/2023 at 10:36 PM, itchitch said:

He lived an interesting life:


His bio




Thank you, Steve.


I just read through the entire website.  I kept the link open on my desktop to today, when I had time to spend going through it in detail.  What an outstanding artist.  And, to put his bio out there.  Long term, I hope his site lives on.  If you haven't visited the site, it's a testament to the diversity and creativity that exists here - and, perhaps, stimulated by our love for great audio through Carver.


His currently for-sale work is available at the Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City.  You can see what is for sale here: http://www.phillips-gallery.com/New_Site/casalino_joe.html A few pieces interest me.


If you dig deeper, you find that Papa Joe came from artist parents.  He always wanted to be an artist and "teaching artist," (that's a real thing - my sister is "teaching artist" practicing theater and music (voice and violin) in NYC) and though he went into industry (injection mold making) applying his artistic skill to create in metal, as a profession to support his family, he held tight to producing sculpture and enriching lives through art.


Dig even more deeper, and you find his wife, Miki, a dancer, and ballet teacher also produced many recognized prima ballerinas in exceptional companies such as Houston Ballet, Miami Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet companies, among others.  Not very many links remain as Miki's school closed in 1999, but this link may help fill that part of PapaJoe's artistic story:  https://casalino.tripod.com/index.html 


As I read this, I find stories of people like Joe just amazing. To see the beauty and creativity some people deliver to enhance the lives of others as their passion and chosen profession.


FWIW, I spoke to Papa Joe several times.  He was super nice on the phone.  And, I have an amp, a Carver TFM-6, that Papa Joe sold me a few years back.  I now wonder if that amp played music in his sculpture studio, or his wife's Ballet School, contributing to the development of other great artists, artists in residence, and teaching artists.


...just amazing!

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RIP Papa Joe.  I did not know him.  Reading about his unfinished business with the C1 made me a bit sad.... But, reading his bio made me realize how many things he did finish and about how much good he must have delivered in this world.  I suppose there's a lesson in there somewhere.  Thoughts and prayers to Joe's family.

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