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Thank you for the membership to the community. I'm a "part-time" audio repair tech that seems to be turning into a full time gig. I have always had a big interest in electronics and have "played" around with it my whole life, passing up a scholarship to DeVry to join the Army after high school. I had been helping out a local tech that does (did) all of the repairs and restorations for a local record store that sells vintage audio equipment, working on his overflow. Long story short, I ended up taking his place there as he was no longer able to do it. Which is how I stumbled across this site, I was searching for resources to assist with some gear that have to repair. I am a member of Audiokarma and a thread there pointed me here. 



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welcome to the site..., Glad you found us, @awmcgowan  Don't forget to fill out and complete your profile, add an avatar or ?  We love to know more about the people here..., post a picture of your gear, make yourself at home and a part of the community.


"Search" is your friend on this site.  There's over a decade and a half?  More?  I forget when the site launched..., but a LOT of history and threads here that will help.  It's a site that has enthusiasts.  No one here is "paid tech support," and some who lurk here also run their own service/repair business, so beware of that overlap.   But mostly, the site membership here is real, and real helpful, "Carver Enthusiasts," that have come and gone over time, that all want to keep the Bob Carver Legacy alive and well, and that have created an entire braintrust of knowledge - just seek it out (search first, then ask)..., patience, and proper expectations.  All good.


Glad you found us..., and I trust your participation adds additional threads to the braintrust of knowledge here.


Welcome again!

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