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Novice Intro and having trouble attaching jpg

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I'm not big on writing or introductions but I'll give it a go.


I enjoy most kinds of music, and really enjoy listening to well recorded music. Playback that I can distinctly follow all or most of the instruments is important. Instrument playback that sounds like an actual instrument playing in front of me, is most impressive (I'm including voice when I say instrument).


It seems that equipment choice is an important part of quality sound. I picked up some Adcom stuff, GFA 5500 amplifier and one of their preamps, along with Yamaha NS-1000m speakers maybe 12 years ago. Then a few years ago I got a Carver C-1 preamplifier. Wow what an amazing piece of equipment. The C-1 added so much to the listening experience; the sound stage came alive, instruments sounded more like instruments, stereo separation improved and overall, a much better sounding system with the C-1. No, I don't utilize the hologram feature, but have experienced the effect. Lately I have been modifying the C-1 to include the BillD mod and a remote control. Lastly, I picked up a 4000t as well as a M-500t, and am excited to improve them and add them to my system.


My listening room or area is probably unlike most; it's my garage. I spend much of my time working on and building stuff in my garage, so this is where I enjoy listening. Sometimes it's less productive enjoying music and working; don't always want to start up that saw as it spoils the music experience! Anyway understand speaker placement and room treatment is way less than perfect in the garage environment, but good quality playback still sounds wonderful.


I guess it's obvious that I like listening to quality music, as well as enjoying Carver equipment.




Now, I have an issue to resolve. I can't post photos. Whenever I try to attach a photo, I get a message "There was a problem uploading the file." The jpg file is less than 1000 kb in size so I don't know what is wrong. How can I insert a jpg picture into a post?






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Hi Jim,


What device are you using here? Phone, table, PC, Mac?? What browser are you using? 


On a PC with Chrome, Brave, or Edge, there is a Paper clip with text to the right of it that says "Drag files here to attach, or choose files...   Under that is a description of the acceptable file types. You can drag a file to that area, and it should be uploaded and a thumbnail will be in that box, or you can click on choose files... and that will open the file browser so you can navigate to the file upload it into the same area. Once the file is uploaded, move your pointer over the thumbnail, and the word "Insert" should show up in the lower right hand corner of the thumbnail. Click on insert, the file should then show up in the text editor.


There is a limit on file size, but your 1000kb file is well under that limit.


I hope that helps.



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I am using a PC with Edge. I've tried both dropping the file in that area and choosing file, both give me the same results. At first the file appears to be transferring, but then I get the message "There was a problem uploading the file." I purposely tried to insert very small files, roughly 200 kb and get the same message.

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I was mistaken about the file size limit for Novice. The total size of a single post is 1000kb. That includes text and any files uploaded. If you have a failed upload, make sure the file isn't in the upload area. Clear everything so you know that you start from 0.


If you don't want to lose your text, copy and paste it into notepad or whatever document editor you use. Then with the cursor in the post editor, hit Ctrl-a (that highlights everyting) then backspace or Delete. 

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On 5/6/2023 at 8:24 PM, LV Listener said:

Now, I have an issue to resolve. I can't post photos.


 New members need activity for uploading to be available to them. 

As members LIKE your post you will be enabled to upload 

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Fortunately, I have not had the trouble that you describe but can relate. One other site that I visit is next to impossible for me to navigate photos to. Anyway, Perhaps you can try a 'test post' by typing just that, and attach a 200kb or so to it. This should be able to be resolved.

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