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TO ALL - reminder

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Politics are not allowed on the site.


The moderators are in charge of what is 'politics' and what is not.


If you insult another member for their beliefs or call them stupid etc, you will be Retired or Sandboxed immediately.

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Look here now.




Yes right here...please don't make our jobs harder than they need to be.


We banned 'politics' on the site because of the potential to alienate people from participation. We can't control how people feel, but we can control content.


It doesn't mean you're a bad person for sharing your views. But we can't allow it on the site.


This is a fandom site for Everything Carver and Everything Audio. Anything else should be low key.


Stay friendly okay?


Here is the process:


If you post something political - it will be removed and we'll tell you why.

If you post something political often - you will be warned.

If you ignore warnings and keep posting the stuff - you will be Sandboxed for a while.

If you act like a jerk to the mods - you might get banned bro!


The mods decide what is political or not. We discuss it as adults in a multi-partisan way (that's better than bi-partisan ,btw)


The mods aren't out to get you. We ALL understand why people want to express their views or even make fun of opposing views. We KNOW that it is a gray area. None of us enjoy being 'modded'. We KNOW it sucks that things are so...snowflakey. But for now - we are trying to keep it cool here.


So it all comes down to this - the site is not your soapbox. We all have to learn to treat it with more care. And yes that includes ME. I put my soapbox away. So should you.


This is a reasonable standard the pretty much every forum follows.


Please BE NICE.


Thank you!


(If you can't resist, then go to the Thunderdome. There is literally a 'decompression' topic. The mods don't care what you post there (as long as it isn't illegal or personal toward another member).

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