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Happy Birthday niccolosito!


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On 9/10/2023 at 10:05 PM, niccolosito said:

Thanks, gentlemen!


Hi Jim!


We're back after a two month stay in the Philippines. A very tiring trip...so glad to be back to my real gear! 

Glad to hear you are doing well! I've only made that 20+ hour flight 2 times. OMG.. Was sick when we got there. That trip is brutality at it's finest. Ever do that again it will be a one way ticket.



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Jim, actually, we stayed there for 8 months. Got by with my "for condo" system-a Bill D'ed C-1, an Oppo HD 981, a pair of cheap, recapped Audio Source Amp 100's on power steering(they're not that bad) , a pair of those Andrew Jones-designed Pioneers, and a  Sunfire Super Jr. subwoofer. Now having a blast with my big bad boys-Snell Type A-ll's, Vandy Sig ll's, Dalquist DQ-10's, and of course, the AL-lll Pluses. Life's good.. again.


I bet you're treated like a king when visiting with the wife. Same with Greg I'm sure. 



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