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New member with CT-17

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I purchased my CT-17 with AV-64 new in the 80s. After sitting in its box for a few decades, a lot of moving for a while, I pulled it out and the tuner display would not light nor would any of the buttons work. There is intermittent function when holding remote buttons down. Based on other sites I replaced all power supply caps and checked for bad solder joints. These had no effect. I found that if I unground the circuit board with the tuner, the tuner functions works. Not sure what this means. Wondering if anyone has run across this before? Electronics are not my strong suite.


Thank you.

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Welcome to the site.  Sorry to hear your CT-17 is having trouble.


Your symptoms are fairly typical.  The CT-17 is known to have some poor solder joints on the display board.  The display board is actually two boards sandwiched together.  Several studs are used to hold them together and to pass signals from one board to the next.  For some reason these studs were soldered in place separate from the components.  Often the joints will oxidize and provide poor/intermittent connections.  Add this to all the 30 year old small caps that may or may not be bad and you've got a major puzzle on your hands.


There is a terrifying level of disassembly necessary just to get to the display board.  Beware.  


Some folks have had success focusing just on the display board solder joints and replacing the caps on the display board. Others, not so much.  There are a lot of caps in the CT-17.  In any case, it's not for the the novice.  You may want to consider sending it to a pro.


Search around in the preamp sections of the site here.  You will find several posts about the CT-17.

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Welcome to the site, @Jeff CT-17.  Glad you found us.


If you pursue a fix, please post some pictures of what you are seeing to help others understand the issue.

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