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Hi All,  

My name is Daniel. I have been a fan of this site for several years now. I love audio and have owned Carver equipment since I was stationed on the NATO Base in Keflavik Iceland in the early 80's. I currently run a C-2 pre driving a m400t and a tx11a tuner. The pre has most of the Billd mods. The amp was gone thru by an x carver tech in Washington state. Looking forward to restoring the tuner. Driving a pair of Focal Aria 948's it still sounds amazing after 40 + years. For all of the folks that had bad things to say about Bob I say where's your 40 year old equipment let's hear it!!!!

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Thank's all. You all are amazing folks! and I didn't mean to sound derogatory with the statement concerning Bob. I Just remember reading quite a few negative articles about Bob and his products over the years. I personally have a different opinion going back to Phase linear. For the most part he has tried to bring high end caliber products to the masses. Who cannot afford to drop multi thousands on equipment. I enjoy especially the electronics folks discussions. Whom have more expertise than I and can afford the test gear to prove it. The real question at the end of the day though.... is how does it sound and does it get us closer to the "Audio Nirvana" that we all strive for, with out going broke.

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