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Well, it is time to start thinking about and making plans for Carverfest 2024.  This will be the 18th edition of the longest running audio festival event of its kind.  Please watch here as I will be posting cabin reservation information, etc,


Carverfest 2024 will take place again at Watershed Resort (part of Stonewood Cabins) near Bryson City NC.  The event will run officially from Wed September 4th through Wednesday September 18th.  You certainly do not have to stay 14 days, many come for a long weekend or only 6 or 7 nights.  We get significant discounts that are more attractive the more days you stay.  You can actually enjoy these rates from Tues night, September 3rd through the end of September.

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Good morning to all,


I have not counted the exact days, but it is less than 6 months until Carverfest 2024.  The cabins are pretty full at this point.  Ray has decided not to attend for the entire time, so Cabin 6 is available.  Ray told me he is still planning to come for a few days and may stay off site.  My latest discussion with Bob and Peggy indicates they are still planning to return.  I sure hope so!


The rates have been finalized.  I will post a new version of the calculator in the files section.  After no increase last year, there is about a 5% rate increase for this coming fest.


Please respond here, call me or otherwise contact me with your intent to exercise your "dibbs" by April 15.  Reservations should be made to Stonewood no later than June 15 with deposits made.

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Good Sunday Morning to all,


I have heard from many of you already.  Thank you.  I would like to pass on that has recently as yesterday Bob and Peggy indicated very positive intentions to attend for 9 days.  That is good news.  Many of you that have not met Bob should consider and make an effort to attend.  The first year you would come because of Bob.  After that you return because it is just a great time with great friends.


Cabin 6 is still available.  It is a three-bedroom cabin and is perfect for a group to share.  With three people (or couples) sharing it becomes very affordable.  A one-week stay is $2287.  Divided three ways is only $109 per night.  A 9-night stay kicks into the next discount tier and it drops to $95 per night ($2576 total).


Angelo (angelod307) has expressed some interest in 6 and could be trying to put together a group.  I don't know how often he visits this site.  If you want to connect and he does not respond to a message, reach out to me and I will facilitate a connection.



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Good Day to All,


It is only 112 days until the official start of Carverfest 2024.  Please be reminded that reservations must be confirmed with Stonewood and deposits paid by June 15.


Contact for Reservations


Desiree Matlack

Office   : 828-822-0802

Cell       : 252-305-9995

Email    : desiree@stonewoodcabins.com


Our contact on site for questions about cabins or other issues is Brittany Trussel

Cell 828 735 9054

Email : Brittany@stonewoodcabins.com 

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