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Cabin Selection Rules and Guidelines


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Carverfest Cabin Reservation Rules and Guidelines

The following is an attempt to update and state more simply and succinctly the guidelines going forward. The changes are intended to protect previous attenders but also leave room for newcomers to attend and establish their claim for future years.

1.  Members who have rented a cabin the previous year for a stay of at 7 or more nights, of the official 14 Carverfest nights, will have the undisputed right to the same cabin the following year as long as a stay of 7 or more nights is again planned. The intent to exercise this right must be communicated by March 1 of the upcoming year.
2.  Generally if a member skips a year, said member will lose their rights under this Rule.  Exceptions may be granted for severe health conditions, health concerns or other extreme and unusual circumstances.
3.  Members who have rented a cabin the previous year for a stay of at least 7 or more nights, of the official 14 Carverfest nights, will have the right to claim any other cabin that meets any of the following criteria assuming a stay of 7 or more nights is again planned,
     a.  The cabin was empty the previous year

     b.  The  cabin was occupied for fewer than 7 nights of the official 14 Carverfest nights the previous year.

     c.  The previous year occupant is moving to another cabin or has declared they will not exercise their rights under Rule 1.

3.  In the event Rule 2 applies, precedence will be given on a first request basis. Request must be made in a public post to the Carverfest Reservations thread or communicated to the designated coordinator who will in turn post in the Carverfest Cabin Reservations thread. (added for those that might not have the ability or desire to visit the forum)

4.  It is important that we have some rules and guidelines but the over riding intent  is to protect members  that have stayed for any period of time the previous year.  They will have the right to any otherwise unspoken for cabin for the same time period if is not claimed under Rule 1 or Rule 2. In other words a newcomer will not take precedence over a prior year attender under any circumstance.



Music in the Lofts must be kept very low unless all three lofts are occupied by our group.



It is our general consensus that the only pecking order that exists is one of common sense.  Complete consideration will be given to previous year cabin occupants.  Previous occupants will be given sufficient time to state to their intentions to attend again before a cabin is allotted to a newcomer.

There have been issues in previous years with loud music in the Treehouses.  Going forward the rule concerning systems in the Lofts and Treehouse units will be strictly enforced.  Unless all Treehouse units are occupied by our group no music loud enough to be heard in adjacent units will be allowed.  The same rule applies to the lofts. 


Music in the Treehouse rentals must be kept very low unless all four Treehouse units are occupied by our group.

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