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Hi. I'm a relatively recent Carver convert. I picked up a pair of AL-III+'s from a coworker who was moving, and couldn't take his 6 stereos with him. Then I just needed to figure out how to power them and replace a missing and fuse holder. Some internet sleuthing and a Yamaha M-85 later, i'm thrilled with the sound. 


I'm interested if anyone has done any crossover rehab/renovation on these guys. 

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@nld Welcome to the site.  There is a ton of information on the AL-III here.  You should start with the Owners Manual and Service Manual.  Look along the top series of menu items.  Select manuals and spec sheets.  There you will find manuals for Carver, Phase Linear, Sunfire, etc.  


Then you can check out the Loudspeaker forum.  Many members had shared their insight on the AL-III's and their crossovers.  You might have to poke around a bit in the sub forums to find what you are looking for.


Don't hesitate to ask questions as you get your bearings.  We are here to help.



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