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My history with Carver goes back to the mid 80's when I sold hifi gear for a living at a place called Lechmere (anyone remember them?)  I still own the M1.0t and the M200t that I bought back then and they are both still going strong!  The M200t is doing center channel duty (bridged) in my A/V system.  I've just purchased a C-1 on eBay which should arrive next week which I'm going to pair with the M1.0t as the start of a vintage 2-channel setup.



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@CarvEAR  Welcome to the site.  You have chosen a classic vintage pair with the C-1 and M-1.0t.  There is lots of info on both of these units.  But be careful, you might get the bug to upgrade them.


Small note on the C-1/M1.0t combo.  You may get a slight buzz in the speakers if you stack the C-1 directly on top the M-1.0t.  Its not bad, and you may not even hear it depending on your speakers.


Once again, welcome.

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