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TLM-3600 backlight

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Looking for knowledge on older carver components. First of all, I need help with replacing backlight on TLM-3600. Do I replace the whole thing,or can the bulb be removed?

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Welcome to the site...


I have not been inside of this unit.

Do you see anything displayed (faintly) when the unit is powered on?


Per the Service Manual:







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1 hour ago, KDROLLIN said:

Do I replace the whole thing,or can the bulb be removed?

If you look at the service manual, the bulb looks replaceable. Item 53 in this diagram



The schematic is not all that easy to read, but it looks like it's a 10V bulb?

It's supplied by the top of the 3 regulators shown below. 

First step would be to find this lamp and put a voltmeter across the 2 terminals to make sure you have 10V. 99% likelihood it's the lamp, but make sure. Could be a shorted cap on the output of the regulator, or a bad regulator.




Never seen one of these so take it apart, out if you can, take a pic and post it.



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im an idiot.
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