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Looking for a Carver C-1 preamp and a Bill D upgrade technician

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Hi Folks, 

I'm simply trying to replace some of my vintage gear lost through divorce...

I live in Northern Indiana (Warsaw, between South Bend and Fort Wayne) and am hoping to find someone who can do the Bill D upgrade for me when I buy another C-1 off of eBay or Facebook.  I don't mind driving a couple hundred miles to deliver it and then pick it up.  Of course it would be be really nice to find one for sale that already has the Bill D upgrade, but chances of that are slim! 

If anyone knows of someone within driving distance (or someone that I can ship it to) that can do the upgrade for me I would be most grateful.  Thanks so much, Tom

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@TomHall Welcome to the Carver site!!


Maybe here is a candidate for the build.


Many other candidates can be found. Maybe someone here has a unit they might want to sell.


The only person I know that can do a restore along with a BillD upgrade can be found here.



He is located in Hersey Michigan.

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Hello TomHall and welcome to C!. We're glad you're hear. ;) 


BobTFM35's advice is your best choice. Nelion Audio is in Michigan, so it may be within your radius.


Greg (owner of Nelion) does outstanding work. You won't go wrong there.





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Hello Tom, welcome to the site!


I have a C1 that was in for a complete refresh with the added Bill D. mod and Gundry filter added.  All work was done by Greg at Nelion Audio in June of 2022.


I have several Carver pieces from the past and have been considering letting some go to fund my way to Bob’s new tube gear.


If this sounds of interest to you, feel free to message me and we can work something out.



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Thanks everyone for your helpful information! Sounds like a trip to Nelion Audio will be forthcoming, once I have another C1 in hand.  Thanks again for replying!

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Welcome to the Carver Site.  I have a C1 with Bill D mods and I love it. The work was done by Nelion.  Like you, I don't mind driving around to transport gear...(I have this totally irrational fear of shipping, lol)...  So, I have driven my gear up to Greg at Nelion in Hersey, Michigan a couple times.  But, you can feel safe shipping gear there, too..... Nelion does a fantastic job of packaging and shipping and will help guide you to ship things safely to them. 

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