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New member with a C-9 rebuild question

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Thanks for letting me onto the site. I had the C-9 and the M400 way back when they were introduced. Today with all of the talk about the BACCH system I purchased a SH C-9 only to find that it does not work. Who does the best rebuilds? I would also want the RCA plugs replaced.  Thanks in advance for your help!!

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Welcome, @SBrekken, so glad you found us.  @4krow is the resident expert on C-9 sonic holography generators, and DIY questions.


And, if you are not a DIY'er, I do believe that Nelion Audio also does C-9's for full refresh.  Check out: https://nelionaudio.com/index.php?/services.html/carver/carverpreamps/carver-c-9-restore-r6/

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