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Why today's Carver Amp Challenge is more important than in 1985.


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Here are some reasons why we sell our products with a "Carver Amplifier Challenge 30 day in-system, in-home guarantee, without restocking fees."


1) Happy customers, every time - Our goal is 100% happy customers. There is no reason to have unhappy customers. When running Jim Clark Stereo we started this policy. We want the customer to enjoy their experience for the good of our company and the industry as a whole. If the customer has or can find a more enjoyable product than the Bob Carver in their home, they should buy it. Either way, the customer wins and their money is well spent. Of course we know the odds of someone returning a Bob Carver after living with it for 30 days, are extremely low. The product and the enjoyment becomes personal and people will not give them up.


2) Marketing - Bob Carver LLC/BC Audio LLC today is a small operation made up of only 4 people. Bob and Peggy, Jim and Lerma. 

We are a start-up just barely 2 years old. Letting the customers enjoy our product, directly compared to others is very effective and strongly in our favor. Our new RAM 285 is undefeated in customers system. Restocking fees are not needed because we don't have returns. If returns were common, we would have to charge a restocking fee like most others.


3) The legacy -  There have been several attempts (at least 4) at building Bob Carver tube amps by others over the last decade or so. The last casualty was Glass Audio leaving the legacy for dead after closing late in 2021, leaving orders unfilled and customers unsupported, followed by press critical of the 275 that had been produced at 3 locations by that time.

Bob Carver and my venture together is largely in defense of Bob's legacy. None of us are getting any younger and I convinced Bob to "take the gloves off" and leverage his ability to build a special legacy line, not considering weight or parts cost savings as he tends to do in the interest of affordability. We didn't waste money on the RAM 285 but in the areas that make it sound the best, we didn't spare expense.


4) Honesty - The Carver Amp Challenge is the most honest way to sell audio products we know of. We don't have expensive shiny ads running in the pay to play realm. We don't give away products in exchange for good reviews. We don't modify our most musical designs to reduce measured numbers further below audibility at the expense of other important sonic qualities. We don't play silly games as though another decimal point further below audibility results in a better customer experience (it does not). We do not sell products with no basis in science, promising varieties of chocolate flavors that defy the laws of physics. Bob is a physicist and I can tell you there is no magic in audio, just good science. You can hear good science, we guarantee it with every purchase. 



Jim Clark

Director of Operations

Bob Carver LLC.


BC Audio LLC.


815 985 3557









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