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Info on connecting C-1 to a PM1201 cables for 2 channel mode

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I am a novice to the PM1201 and C1 and looking for some help. 


Just purchased these and need some cables. Question is do I need a XLR to RCA single or "Y" cable?


The power cord of the PM1201 has to ground pin missing, why would it be cut?


Anything else I need to look for to make sure it is set up correctly?


Any info and help would be much appreciated. 


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@ButchP Welcome to the Carver site!


I have absolutely no experience with the 1201 and don't know what is missing or modified since the ground was cut off.


To hook it up to the C1 I might use a 1/4 inch TRS on the amp side to rca cable on the C1 side.


Using the XLR port you would have to worry about having the correct + and - at the pin for the xlr and having the correct polarity termination at the RCA end. The XLR Connector polarity is talked about on page 9.


Several things are discussed in the manual between pages 6 to 9 and they talk about grounding and not removing the pin and if the pin is removed you must have the chassis properly grounded and any necessary jumpers installed.


One area of "extreme importance" is item 5 on page 7.  I "would not" plug it in without having the plug repaired with the proper end that has the ground restored.


The PM model is Carvers Professional model and from what I gather used in more of a concert venue. 


That's about all the help that I can offer. How to make a cable, or repair the plug or grounding is not in my skill set to properly guide one in such a task.


The C1 is somewhat straight forward in hooking up stuff. All RCA connections.



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As @BobTFM35 pointed out, you definitely want to replace that power plug with a grounded plug as it originally was configured. A previous owner was likely trying to get rid of some hum in their setup and starting lifting grounds to see if that helped. This is not really a good idea but sometimes in the field (usually as a last resort), grounds start getting lifted to attempt to eliminate a ground loop.


As to the connection between the C1 and the PM1201, you'll be making an unbalanced connection so you can use either the 1/4" inputs or the XLRs on the amp. You should be able to find pre-made cables for both at Amazon. I like to use XLR connectors as they make the best low-level connections. So the cable would typically be RCA tip to XLR pin 2, then connect both the shield and ground lead to the RCA ground, then the ground to XLR pin 1 and the shield to pin 3. Make very sure that you configure both channels the same with respect to pins 2 and 3 so you don't get one channel out of phase relative to the other.


If you're making these cables up yourself, you'll need a 2-conductor cable with a shield - 100% shielding is always best and something like Belden 8451 works nicely although it has a hard PVC jacket. For something more flexible you can try a mic cable like Mogami W2549 or Belden 8412.


Good luck with the new setup. Should sound very nice - what speakers will you be using?

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