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New Tidal Prices


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Given the pittance any of the streamers have to pay performers, it's about time.

(Meanwhile, due to the lawyers at Disney corrupting politicians, performers still have to pay royalties on every sale to the lazy grandchildren of long dead composers.)

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13 hours ago, Zenith4me said:

Tidal to cut prices.


I wonder if Tidal is losing share to other services like Qobuz.  I like Qobuz over Tidal.   I'm not one of those audiophiles who can discern the differences in music quality driven by the phases of the moon.....But, I swear Qobuz sounds better for hi-def digital streaming.  Especially compared to the TIdal MQA offerings.   And, I have not had any trouble finding music I want to hear in Qobuz's library, even though Tidal's library is supposed to be larger.  

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From threads on other forums, namely Roon's forums..., this is a function of a few things..., first, simplification.  Second, MQA..., the promise is not delivering..., value is diminished..., and third market economics and competition.


The competition item, we don't see much.., but globally, there are dozens of services like this that we are blind to, that have genres that we don't generally experience..., the US and "the west" is a smallish fraction of the world's global music when considering how big other countries in Africa, Asia (China/Siberia), Latin America, and the Middle East in aggregate make up.  It's big-market thinking, and that helps lower costs for everyone. 


To grow, these services have to expand, and consider a much bigger picture than what we typically imagine - very smart thinking - and we benefit.  No conspiracy theories - just good business.

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