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Tubes and transformers. Video from Manley Labs.


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Her observations with output transformers and measurements vs sound, is similar to Bob's teachings. This relates to the 275 design running the smaller output transformers at higher voltage potential. They don't measure as well into a test bench resistor, but they sure make beautiful music with speakers.


The anomaly she speaks of in bench testing with the smaller, worse testing, better sounding transformer, does not show up in loudspeaker testing per application. 


Bob views the output transformers as the interface between the tubes and speakers, when determining what sounds best as the 1st priority of the design.


These are topics related to how the lightweight 19lb 275 sounds so good in spite of criticism from some who are not amplifier designers. 


Great designers always prioritize audio sonic performance above all else. Designing to measure well is relatively easy.


Going down rabbit holes chasing analyzer numbers and assembling a ranking of audio performance based on SINAD, as if offering a better audio experience or sonic value for the customer, is either ignorance or deception by one measurement reviewer that comes to mind. "Arrogance is a sign of ignorance", so there you go..


"Designing an amplifier to sound the best and designing to measure the best, are not necessarily the same goal." Bob Carver.


Thank you to EveAnna Manely for sharing the experience and maintaining focus on what sounds best, as the 1st priority for her company. 

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Bob is a true inventor and one of a kind genius as he puts his heart and soul into creating his products and is not afraid to think ouside the box when doing so. Other amplifier designers have always gone down that narrow well worn path and never ventured off of it. That's why Bob has had such successful and controversial advanced designs!  

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What a great video!

EveAnna reveals her deep understanding of her craft.

Just like Bob does.


I hope additional esteemed designers follow suit with similar videos.

Videos like this serve well to explain the difference between listening and measuring.

The internet has a few who measure. Too bad they are so loud in their voice.

The real world has, I dare say, millions who actually listen.

Schaumburg will be hosting many in a few weeks. 

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