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Hi all,

First time to own a Carver, HR 895 to be exact, with unbalance sound and crackle. Searching for schematic and found this site. 
Nice to meet you all


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@cljunior Welcome to the site, and glad you found the site. This link will possibly get you started on your search for information on your HR895.




One thread Shows a members repair of the 895. A search of the others should reveal other good information.



I'm sure you found the schematics and parts manual.


Good luck on your repair.

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  • Community Admin

Welcome, @cljunior, so glad you found us.  Looking forward to your participation.  Don't forget to post some pictures of your gear!! 😉 We love picturs.

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Crackling can be caused by some transistor in the amp section.  Q701/703 and Q702/704.    (2sa1145 and 2Sc2705)  I would start with replacing those.

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