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Hello to all! Like most of you, either you inherited some type of Carver gear, bought some Carver gear because you heard it was very good, or actually saw it working before your eyes. Mine being the latter of the three. 


My experience goes back to the mid 80's when my best friend had a set of 901's in the Army barracks (top floor) at Fort Polk (North Fort) with a 1.5 hooked up. My my, I'll never forget the roof lifting when he turned it up. Very memorable. 


Fast forward to 2024 and me picking up a M500t off of the bay. I purchased a new face plate, but my real issues are the left Side Cap (cosmetic damage) and the front glass (also cosmetic damage). 


Are there any alternatives for replacement or refurb services, such as polishing out deep front glass (plastic?) scuffs? Are parts still available?


Thank you from South Florida, Fort Lauderdale area.  

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Welcome! I'm not aware of any direct parts sources but this is a good place to let everyone know what you're looking for as there are many long-time members who repair and refurb their own equipment.

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The 901s and m1.5t is a good combo. I had it for a while and it can go big  ......... problem is the 901s are not very good at lower levels (just my opinion).


The front plastic bezel on the m500 can be polished with a succession of Novus 1/2/3 polish, from coarsest to finest,  depending on the level of damage.  There's probably a thread if you do a search

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  • Community Admin

Welcome, @Shamdaddy, glad you found us.


As @jeffs indicated, you should be able to polish the bezel.  Novus is a good way.  I've added an orbital polisher to minimize the elbow grease required.


As for the side caps, I assume you are talking about the side caps that hold the bezel in?  I think you can get those from a seller on Ebay, who sells faceplates.  he may have them in grey, and black for the m500.  I suggest you get a pair, so they color match, and replace both the right and the left.  If the ebay source doesn't have them listed presently, find one of his faceplates, and send him a PM on Ebay from another listing, and ask him if he has them..., Ebay listings require a lot of work - and sellers sometimes slip at getting the postings activated regularly.


Glad you found us.  Let us know more about your gear, and - we LOVE pictures! 😉 

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