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Hi I’m new here

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Hey everyone. Im Randy. Bob has always been my hero. I love how he started out making stuff the small guy could afford, yet it sounded like the top of the line. Many heavy hitters in the industry lost in blind testing to his creations.

Anyway enough about that. 

I have been extremely sick I am a bit better now, but I was Death bed sick. Started in 2006. I’ll just say I was taking enough medication to kill a large horse my pain was so great I begged God to let me die. I had stomach issues , migraine for 25-30 days non stop neck and back pain. I now have 13 plates, 26 screws 2 rods and a clasp holding my neck together and had to have every tooth removed due to bone infection. So I am much better now. It just took the Dr so long to figure things out for me. This Bob Carver…… wry compassionate.  I would get on an email with Bob. He was so kind and polite and even though I could barely string a sentence together or say anything coherently, no syntax at all….this kind man would talk to me. What I never told him was that I contemplated suicide because the outlook for my life was dismal and seemingly without hope. I was bed ridden for nearly 4 years and Bob would answer my phone call and speak soft kind words and because he showed so much grace. Well my goal was to build the mono block 350 amps. I can tinker but my goal is this, Bob knew I didn’t know how to build an amp and now that my health is much better I want to learn how. I do want to thank Bob  cause I wanted to take enough medication to end things. Bobs kindness helped in my decision not to…..more than once. So, first I want to thank Bob and say what a great person he is. And secondly, hello Bob Carver fans.  I hope to learn during this journey, to learn from all of you how to do fulfill this dream. I have two chassis and the pre amp tubes and the electrolytic caps and most other parts. Any starting advice I’m all ears. 

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Thank You Tuesfurioza and Zeneth4me. i am rewiring my Magnepan Tympani 1B tweeter and upgrading the crossover. there is a lot to this and i figure ill get my feet wet and do some small projects under my belt. if anyone knows of very simple amp kits that use soldering or as near to point to point construction build instead of circuit board please let me know where. Thank you both.

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wow you have been on quite a journey that none of us could come close to comprehending.  Glad you are on the other side and are on the mend!!


Welcome to this fantastic site!

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Welcome @Ranster, so glad you found us.  Many of us have unique journeys to our hobby, and yours is quite unique and different.


One thing to start your project would be to go to the Tube Amp forum, and start you own "build thread."  Many here could perhaps give some guidance..., post your project, pictures of the components you have now, the schematics you are following..., etc.  


No guarantees, but that's how I would approach your next catharsis project in your Bob Carver amps journey.


Again, welcome!! and do stay and enjoy.

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