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Howdy Carverites!

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New here.  I've had a Carver system for years, but I'm going to need some help from the seasoned vets to keep it going!

Sonic Holography HR-752 (amplification bypassed)

TFM-25 MFP amplifier

TDR 2400 Cassette deck

TLM-3600 10 disc CD player

Polk Audio RTA 11t tower speakers

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Hello Bob, and welcome aboard. We're glad you're hear! ;) 


Once you get to Novice status, we would love to see some pics of your system. 



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Hello Bob @Bob Craver and Welcome to the Site. Nice list of equipment.


Looks like we have the user and service manual for each unit.


Looking forward to seeing pictures of your system.



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Welcome Bob!  



I saw your intro and name, and for a minute dyslexia kicked in and I thought Bob CARVER had gone senile and posted this thread.  I'm glad that wasn't the case, and glad to welcome YOU aboard Bob Craver.  



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Thanks For the welcome, Everyone!  I have reached the Novice status quickly and easily.  Looking forward to your input and guidance in keeping this fine Carver equipment chugging along.

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Thanks again for the warm welcome, Everyone.  Here are more details and pictures.  The TLM-3600 is out of rotation due to malfunction.

Sonic Holography Receiver HR-752

MFP Amplifier TFM-25

TDR-2400 Dual Cassette Deck

TLM-3600 10 Disc CD Player

Tascam CD-RW900 Mk II

Yamaha YP-701 TT (Ortofon 15XE MK II)

Polk Audio RTA 11t Tower Speakers



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