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Good Day everyone

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Newbee here,,,,,  looking forward to learn what all this site is about.


Had a Carver system 25 years ago ,,,,, now putting several Carver systems together for my own enjoyment,,,,,  hope I'm not to late LOL🤕

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Welcome aboard tankdcrank!


This site is about Carver stuff, but all gear is appreciated.

Pull up a chair, pour a cold beverage of your choice, and consider what your goals might be in a Carver system.

You’ve found the mother-load of info here, glad you found us!


You’ll be able to post pics after a small bit of activity. 
Please feel free to describe what you have and/or what you seek.

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Welcome, great to have you with us. I like reading that you are putting together several Carver systems. That's the spirit!!! Lot of that going on around here.

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  • Community Admin

Welcome, @tankdcrank, glad you found us.  


We love pictures, please post your audio rig sometime, and brag a bit!

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Hey all!

  Thanks for the warm welcome!


  I'm working on four (4) systems, 2 have three (3) TFM 55's sledge hammers for the bang and umph, one has a CT-29V and the other has a CT-28V for directing traffic.


  The third has three TFM-45 high head room bangers, it has a C-16 for directing traffic and the purpose is to well,,,, see how it performs against the other two,,,, blame Roland for that lol


  The later is umm,,,, well and please don't be upset, is a bit of a hodge-podge to be honest.  Basically its an old Toshiba mini system that's in the process of getting two (2) TFM-35 framing hammers fitted to it to replace the tired amps that came with it ~^

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Hello tankdcrank and welcome aboard! We're glad you're hear. ;) 


Happy Birthday.gif

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