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I've owned a Carver 2000 and JBL 240TI's since 1985.  EE with electronics and computer experience.  (Audio and TV repair 1965-1972).  HP for 30 years.  Audio interests started in 1963.


Will be re-capping the Amp.  Already solved some other aging issues.  (Debounced the Sonic button and cleaned up the glue from the caps).  Will order two of the MA-615A and PS-615A cap kits on eBay.


Basically, it all still works.


I have taken the time to OCR the parts manual to Word and convert to Excel.  Turned out good.   Will share if anyone wants it.  Not fully clear on some of the crazy cap values (Metallized Film).   Web searches have fallen short and Carver manual does not cover them all.



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Hi Lee, and welcome to thecarversite.com . We're glad you're hear!  ;) 


I've moved your post from Website Support to The Welcome Shop. Website Support is for technical issues for the site itself.


I've never owned a Carver receiver, but there are several here who have, and hopefully one of them will point you in the right direction.


@Circuits & Conceptsis a reputable and long term member here, and he sells parts and kits on ebay. He'll be a good source for your parts.



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  • Community Admin

Welcome @Carver2000owner, great to have you here on TCS.


Post a picture of your gear sometime.


Or, why not start a thread on your 2000 recap?  Always valuable to build up information for the next guy!  And, of course, check out repair threads, as you need input.


Again, welcome aboard.

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