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G'day all.

Repaired a few Carvers over the many many years ago without schematics,and always wondered how some of them ticked. Testing PM 1.5 into 4 Ω was done by going to a charity shop , buying used electric kettles (jugs) adjusting them around till I measured  about 3.8 -3.9 Ω filling them with water plugged into a 6 way power board as a dummy load. Still use a similar arrangement for some of the Sub  Bins and heads that I rebuild, (2 ohm parallel voice coils, really, are you serious)?

So , why am I here? to read other peoples stories and get some manuals to muse over and go, ah ha, of course bob.

Rgds John

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Welcome! Plenty of good stories here, most service manuals, and some really knowledgeable folks to help out.

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Welcome to the site, @MegaWatts.  Lots of threads to peruse..., for sure.


We love pictures - post a picture of your gear sometime!

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