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Hello from Texas!   I bought Carver equipment (TFM-35, CT-3) in the early 1990s at the Far East Trader (Navy Exchange, Subic Bay P.I.).  They worked well for many years but are in need of some refurbishment at this point.  The TF-35 has an issue with the speaker protection relay cycling and I expect needs a re-cap in general.   I can't remember if the CT-3 still works, it has been stored for some years (controlled environment).  My guess is that it could use a recap as well.  I look forward to comparing notes and learning about this gear.  



Ernst Land, Jr.  

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Hello Ernst, and welcome to thecarversite.com . We're glad you're hear. ;) 


There are several talented techs, EE's, & hobbyists here. 


Here's a link to several CT-3 posts:




Here's a link to the TFM-35 forum:




I hope that helps, and we all love pics. :D 



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  • Community Admin

Welcome to the forum, @Ernst Land, Glad you found us.


That TFM-35 is very respectable...  What speakers are you driving?  Many here have similar stories picking up their gear back when serving in the military.


The CT-3 is also very functional and a good start point - probably both the amp and preamp could use refreshing and resetting all tune-able factors.


Welcome!  And post pictures of your gear when you can!

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