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Hello from Ellicott City MD. I bought my first Carver equipment (receiver) in the early 1980’s. I quickly upgraded to separates., then upgraded to M500 for more power. My equipment is all original and never serviced. 
In 1980 I also purchased a pair of Polk RTA 12 speakers. I understand these are not perfect for the purist, but they still sound great to me and also are original and have never been serviced. 

Thanks for allowing me to join. I look forward to being an active participant. 

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Hello CARVER 1980, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) 


I've never listened to the Polk RTA 12 speakers, but I've often said that if two tin cans and a string sound good to you, then your thousands of dollars ahead of me. :D 


Your amp and receiver are due for service, and there are several techs here that can do just that. @Nahash5150 is also the owner of Nelion Audio, and he does excellent work. If you are skilled enough to do the service yourself, there are many threads documenting others adventures and misadventures. :D Personally, I'm not sure which end of a soldering iron does what, so I've sent all of my repair/upgrades to Nelion Audio and a couple of other techs here. All have done outstanding jobs with my gear.


Once you get to Novice status, you'll be able to upload pics. Please consider this as we all love pics of all kinds of gear. 


Again, welcome aboard, and we're glad you found us.





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Welcome @CARVER 1980, glad to have you and looking forward to your contributions.


Start a thread on your system, and post some pictures! 😉 we love pictures.

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