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Bob Carver Interview in The Audio Critic


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  • 12 years later...



@SteveFord posted this thread way way back in 2010, with a link to this article.   Member @John Smallwood (thank you John) happened to post the article in pdf form, on the Facebook daughter-site to TheCarverSite, a couple days ago.  I read it, and realized it was an incredibly apropos interview with Bob Carver - really brings a pile of history, his background (all the way back to being 4 years old, in cub scouts), his parents, through physics shaping his philosophy, and some poignant comments about "the media..." that are very applicable today.


I've attached the "PDF" to augment Steve's original post with a link.  Some of the newer members may not recognize the commenters in the short thread..., some have gone to Audio Heaven.  Others are still here - ALL have made great contributions to this site, nay "BrainTrust," we call TheCarverSite!


I challenge you all to read the Audio Critic Interview from Issue No. 19 in 1993 with Bob Carver.  In the PDF link in the first post from Steve Ford, it starts on page 51.  AND, if you are really engaged, I challenge you to read the NEXT article right after the interview with Bob Carver..., It is titled: "Hip Boots: Wading through the Mire of Misinformation in the Audio Press."  My thoughts: a) this criticism at some level (maybe 30,000 feet) is applicable to ALL press/media, and b) anyone in our present world thinking that this perspective is "new" in our lives and present times, well, nope, this has been around for centuries..., back to the days of confidence men, carnival snake-oil salesmen, even in biblical references, and probably as far back as language (cave drawings?) can go.  Nothing new, but critically a good idea for teaching "discernment" to children..., I digress.  But, true to form, at the bottom left corner of page 65, the last page of the interview - even Bob makes reference to how "media incites fantasy into beliefs...," and how that can cause harm.


And for those that want it direct and immediate, I've cut and pasted the text of the Bob Carver interview here:











This interview is followed by this article... What do you think of (who, what three letters, or what website...) when you read the Editor's note?  😉 



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Thanks for making the article easy to read, AJ.. Bear in mind this article is 30 years old now.


This is exactly the difference between aerospace grade science and audio grade science. 

Notice how much has changed, and also how little things have changed in some regards. The Information Age will be tough on deceivers. 


When I started working for Bob full time, a year ago next month, the #1 instruction from Bob Carver was "follow your conscience."


From decades of experience, working for, and owning an aerospace product manufacturing company, the technology conflicts between the real science of aerospace, and life or death performance vs the audio grade science of deception, and creating imaginary problems, looking for their expensive solutions, with no sonic value to the customer is just wrong.


I post about some of these topics, in spite of going against the flow in this industry. It carries some risk, to basically have the same viewpoint as Bob in this article. Reading this 30 year old article, assured me that I'm in the right place at the right time. 


There is a temptation in this industry to jump on the junk science bandwagon, over building product, with the goal of increasing the perceived value by claiming its new/improved technology. 


Please read what Bob said 30 years ago, and imagine the conditions today with the internet. 


As I've seen the conflicts between science and junk science in this industry, and discussed these conflicts with Bob many times. Its very easy to know what his response with be on these conflicts, he talks science and denies the audio grade science every time.


I hear from people everyday, that think they need a solution to a junk science problem that doesn't exist. I can make a list.


I feel exactly the same as Bob Carver in this article. I will not fall in line and play in the mainstream marketing of junk science. My instruction are to follow my conscience, and my background makes sorting science from deception quite easy. 


Shortly after taking this position we were under attack, almost from the start. Thats OK. Reading the article shows just how long this has been the case.


We will continue to offer our satisfaction guarantee on all of Bob's designs. When the customer hears the performance compared to others, the truth is told.

Our customers don't need to sort through the junk science, or marketing deception, to decide where their money is best spent. 


Real science offers customer value, junk science just takes their money through deception.


Jim Clark

Director of Operations 

Bob Carver Company.





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